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Riccardo (Spain)

EVOTECH with BREVO creates something that has been missing: a product suitable first and foremost for the adult audience, which allows them to experience motorcycling on the track with low costs without sacrificing fun and comfort.
It is a minigp that needs to be ridden like a real racing bike, decision is needed in setting the trajectory but once done it is of stunning precision following the thought without any smearing.
Frame and swingarm are a work of art, making evident from the outset the great work and attention to detail behind this project.
The technical solutions adopted allow one to be able to sew the bike to oneself.
Commendable is the fact that it comes standard with top components without having to worry too much about having to add this or that optional extra. 
Finally, praise must go to the company that is very attentive to the customer in pre and post sales.

Manghi (Italy)

Minigp Brevo: The Minigp looks aesthetically and technically just like a real race bike, with all the best components for each area of the bike.


The way it looks, it can put anyone in awe, me even more so since I am totally a neophyte.

The bike rides with disarming ease, it is superbly balanced, and you never feel like you are on the limit, so even a neophyte lap after lap, gains more and more feeling and can push it constantly.
In braking and on entry the bike is very precise, it practically turns right where you look, and it has powerful braking. On the run-in, it's very sincere, it never has any sharp reactions, so it really gives you the feeling of confidence and picking up the pace lap after lap.
The gearbox and clutch are good, short lever and precise engagement, the clutch lever is also little tiring.

Me, I am 6'3" tall by 80 kg, and on this Brevo I fit well, I am not sacrificed at all and I feel it is really comfortable.

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