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Who's Brevo motors

BREVO was born in 2019 from the many years of experience of former driver of the world championship Domenico Brigaglia and Evotech Srl,which specializes in the production of special aluminum parts for the motorcycle world.


Evotech  designs and manufactures all components in-house and consequently is able to take care of all improvements necessary to optimize every single product that leaves the factory.


The goal has always been to create a high quality engineering chassis,performance and technology. Hence was born the model, PM3 2019, which right from the start managed to achieve success thanks to the podiums won by pilot Filippo Bianchi in the Italian Championship Speed of Pre Moto3 


In 2022, due to the interest in the bikes developed with the Made In Italy roots, BREVO is becoming a company by itself for of commercialising products and services internationally Europe,USA, South East Asia.


BREVO MOTORS is born and will operate from Belgium. 

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